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This website introduces our exhibit on the history, significance and scientific aspects of the Shroud of Turin, widely believed to be the authentic burial cloth of Jesus. The exhibit, titled “The Man of the Shroud”, has been organized by a group of clergy and laity in Vancouver, British Columbia. Coordinated with the professional assistance of Meagan Kus, curator of the White Rock Museum, it consists of a series professionally-prepared documentary museum boards; a collection of recreated artifacts of Christ’s Passion; and an actual-size photographic reproduction of the Turin Shroud. The exhibit may be complimented with an international lecture series featuring some of the world’s leading authorities in Sindonology. Those interested in this additional option are asked vi or please visit for a more comprehensive list of qualified presenters.

Dorsal view of the Shroud

The Shroud of Turin is a 14-foot long linen cloth which bears the mysterious image of a man who has been scourged and crucified. Since at least medieval times, it has been venerated as the cloth in which Jesus’ body was wrapped in the tomb; St. John’s Gospel describes it as having been left behind in the tomb at the Resurrection. The impressions and bloodstains, which are somewhat shadowy and unclear, revealed an incredible detail and clarity when first photographed in 1898. Since then, hundreds of scientific researchers of all faiths have studied the cloth, using the analytic tools of over 25 areas of study. Theories have now been advanced which account for the first millennium of the Shroud’s history and its influence on Christian art and liturgy. Each new study and discipline has uncovered data that had not been previously imagined, resulting in new interest not only in the Cloth itself but also in the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus. (Photo of the Shroud © Barrie M. Schwortz)

The organizing committee considers the Shroud to be a powerful tool for evangelization, responding to Pope John Paul II’s call to the Church in the New Millennium. Following the release of the much-discussed Mel Gibson film, “The Passion Of The Christ”, this exhibit will provide factual and fascinating information about the process of crucifixion and the “sign” that Jesus has left us in His burial cloth. Plans are in development to make the exhibit permanently available throughout the province of British Columbia and beyond.

One of the most dramatic elements of the exhibition is the actual-size digital photograph of the Shroud, printed on linen, and mounted in a similar fashion in which the Shroud has been displayed to pilgrims during its recent showings in Turin. This reproduction lends itself well to being placed in a setting which is conducive to prayer as well as observation.

The exhibit will be of special interest to those asking questions about Christian faith, as it focuses in bringing participants to ask the question, “Who is the Man of the Shroud?” Confronting us with the evidence of Jesus’ sufferings and death – as well as His Resurrection – the Shroud causes us to ask the further question, “And what does He mean to me?”