Man Of The Shroud


Those wishing to make a donation to the Man of the Shroud Exhibit are asked to make cheques payable to the Vancouver Shroud Association. Envelopes can be sent to the following address:

Vancouver Shroud Association
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The Shroud exhibit was a tangible way of helping our parishioners deepen their Catholic faith. Further, it drew Christians of other denominations from Abbotsford and the surrounding areas which inspired positive discussion and camaraderie among all of us.

Rev. James Hughes, St. Ann's Parish
Abbotsford, BC

Spiritually, this exhibit changed a number of lives and, without a doubt, this event brought many spiritual and pastoral fruits and an increase towards even greater solidarity and unity among parishioners!

Fr. Waldemar Podiasz, SDS
Nanaimo, BC

The Man of the Shroud Exhibition drew hundreds of people who wished to learn more about this astonishing artifact and more about the crucifixion of Jesus. All who attended were reverent and attentive and not a few tears were noted. I would recommend any parish host an event like this as it is a very powerful way of proclaiming the death of the Lord until He comes.

David Poirier, SA, Pastor
Richmond, BC

I was very honored to speak to the elementary and high school students as well as to the many adults who came to, and enjoyed, your beautiful Shroud Exhibition. It is a most impressive display!

John C. Iannone, U.S. Author, Shroud Scholar

I have worked with the VSA since they first started and watched as their beautiful Shroud exhibit traveled to many venues across Canada and brought the Shroud to thousands of visitors. I look forward to every visit I make to Vancouver to lecture because I get to see many old friends and make many new ones. The VSA's exhibit is one of the finest and most comprehensive available and their consistency in displaying it every year is truly impressive.

Barrie Schwortz, STERA

I had the wonderful opportunity to present several lectures for the Vancouver Shroud Association during an exhibit in the Calgary area. The attendance was excellent. People would tour the exhibit both before and after a presentation. Each panel of the exhibit reveals something new about this wonderful mystery. The Shroud brings the Scripture to life. There is no greater visual tool to explore the ordeal of the Crucifixion or the wonder of the Resurrection.

Russ Breault, President, Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc.

The VSA exhibition is the best one I saw in my Shroud travels: in it there is very good information that is very well presented. To visit this exhibition is a special and unforgettable experience. I hope that many cities will have this opportunity! I had the privilege of two invitations in Vancouver to give lectures and the presence of the exhibition was very helpful for people attending!

Emanuela Marinelli, Collegamento pro Sindone
Rome, Italy

The Man of the Shroud exhibits are a meaningful testament to the Christian Faith! The Shroud unmistakably depicted the image of a man which, proven by specialists, refutes challenges of fraudulent manipulation of coloring and photographic reproduction. This exhibit is informative and is valuable from an ecumenical and an evangelical point of view.

Al Whyte, Past Grand Knight, Former District Deputy
Knights of Columbus

Samples of a few of the over l00 comments that were received at a Lenten Exhibition in Burnaby, BC in 2010

The Shroud is an amazing piece of religious history. All the scientific evidence that matches the religious events are astounding. The evidence is very thought provoking! - Age 15

I would just like to say that your long studies have paid off for me today and I found this topic quite enjoyable. What hit me was the pictures of the blood stains. - Age 17

It taught me many things about the death of Jesus. It helped me deepen my faith. I felt more compassion for Jesus as I learned the extent of his scourging. - Age 15

I really liked learning about the evidence that showed the Shroud really was real. I believe in God, but was never really sure if the whole 'rising from the dead' was real. - Age 15

I think the presentation on the Shroud was fascinating. It blew my mind how it was preserved and how the blood stains look like Jesus' face. - Age 16

I thought the Shroud presentation was interesting and helped grow my faith and make everything more believable. - Age 14

I personally thought this was very interesting and inspiring. I learned a bunch of new things and it was mind boggling how all the evidence kind of fits the puzzle. It was very cool. - Age 15


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